Donate a Donation to the Best Charity

Looking for a tax deductible donation charity? Well, welcome to the best charity case alive, at least one of them. Donate to me in the form of a gift, up to $10,000.00 cash or something ordered online even and help me smile another day! Yay, at least for me. Maybe you too? Could really use the help though, could really use your donation.

When you donate to me, this site, you aren’t giving your average donation. Whereas you normally donate to other causes, you know what cause you donated to but you don’t actually get to see your exact contribution be put to use. Every donation made to me, I will actually document and individually and publicly thank the person(s) making the donation via post, project, and/or video.

I will personally document the use of your donated cash or used items so you can see your donation at work and rest well at night knowing you did the right thing and that you helped and made a positive impact.

While this is a donation you are making, in exchange, I am willing to do an exposé of your business as well, if you have one, and even entertain a collaboration to help you boost exposure for your brand, should you of course approve of or so desire to.

I personally have a few humanitarian missions I would like to accomplish and through your generosity, we together can complete goals that help make this planet a better place for all of us all the while helping me continue to survive and keep my site alive.

By donating to me you are fueling the vehicle to do many good deeds in the future and as time progresses you will get to see these deeds carried out close to first hand. One step at a time … as I get on my feet.

When donating cash, labelling such as a gift, enables you to put the cash donation as a tax deduction, up to $10,000.00 cash in fact. Whether its $1.00 or $1,000,000.00 I will appreciate it very much and show my appreciation on this blog should you not mind the exposure. Of course, if you would like to remain anonymous, then that will be honored too.

One mission of mine is to make more educational and self improvement reading available to inmates in my local jail. As of now, most reading materials available consist of cheesy paperback novels and while any reading material is good, I feel if there were more readily available educational materials, there would be more inspired and educated minds leaving the jails and a lower return rate.

I have been compiling a dream list of books and literature that I personally feel would enable better decisions and a more hopeful population. I believe that when people are educated and motivated that better decisions are made and more productive members of society are created.  Together, you and I can make an impact and create a model that future local governments implement to better their citizens.

This winter,  I also would like to be able to donate 20° or lower sleeping bags for the homeless along with tarps to ensure a warm and dry nights sleep for all the local citizens of my county. At least 200 sleeping bags will be needed I figure.

The current PERSONAL list of needed items are as follows:

Mini laptop

-20° Sleeping bag

2 Tarps

2 bedroom tent

2 led lanterns

2 flashlights

$120 storage of family belongings   

$8,000 Minivan and insurance

$300 gasoline

Where do you send your donation?  Well, when you fill out the contact form I will reply with the current available address that can receive packages or mail due to my current homeless situation.  

Eventually I would like to get a PO Box that I can post on this site as well as get a PayPal account but until I have a steady living situation with a bank account, I’ll have to settle with this method for now. Thank you for you’re patience in this matter.