Real Life True Stories and…

Online Stories of an American Man -

On this site, I offer you ::::: drum roll ::::: real life true stories from my life on this planet over the course of 40+ years of existence so far and my thoughts and opinions on everyday life and events. After all these years of glory and pain alike, these true stories and my evolving opinions are all the equity I have to show for everything. No IRA, no 401k, no inheritance or life long savings account; shit, not even a $100 line of credit on a credit card. Just a story here and there of my experiences living and breathing as an American manboy (think Peter Pan… a bit crusty, way older, and way more broke though).


This is me, in the year 2019. A forced smile is better than no smile.

Honestly, my chosen url/domain name isn’t far from my pessimistic attitude towards life these days. After reading some of the true stories contained wherein, I’m thinking you’ll have some sort of empathetic view towards my foul outlook towards life possibly. Maybe? Either way, I maintain a healthy amount of self pity with or without your approval…so there, mankind!

Most realistically, you’ll probably call me a Debbie Downer and demand that I be more mature and that I should consider all my experiences/stories to be valuable life lessons with exponential growth potential, potential that I should be taking advantage of because I’m an ungrateful spoiled American manboy. Whatever… H8rz gonna H8 and that’s what the url name somewhat invites anyways,so I await the onslaught.

Why Share True Stories with All of You?

So why would I decide to write my true stories about my life and share them publicly? That’s an easy answer…money! Well, that’s not entirely true, but it is the top one of the three primary purposes for the development of this site/blog.

You see, a series of unfortunate events have unfolded in my life somewhat recently…events that have left me homelesd, broke, physically broken, and mentally melted. I have had issues with employment alongside my personal tragedies and so the fight to survive has hit a creative turn. I need money for obvious reasons when it comes to finances of the homeless variety, but also, it would be nice to get a $200 mini laptop being I currently am developing the site and content with a shattered tablet and no phone. I just had to borrow a phone and message myself from that other person’s phone to show you the nice picture of my handy Samsung tablet below.

I need funds to replace this tablet with a mini laptop. Oh how nice it’ll be when I do.


Anyways though, I also would like to leave something behind for my children for when they’re older, to better understand who their father was as a person. My children don’t live with me and hopefully this will make up for all the bedtime story nights that we missed out on in their younger years. They are all teenagers now, so in a few years I might guide them to this blog for their reading pleasure or even more likely, leave the site URL written as reference in a will. A legacy of digital text for future generations. But yes, reason number two right here.

Third reason for this story blog? Well, I figure this can be some sort of therapy for my PTSD and other ailments of the mental variety type. By sort of talking it out, the hope is that I relieve my silent burdens and get shit off of my chest. Maybe I’ll sort out old mysteriesand burdens of my soul on this thingand become enlightened amongst this sphere.

Fourth reason just dawned on me as I was typing out the third reason and that is to improve on my writing skills. I always fantasize or fancy myself capable of writing a screenplay, a novel, or an autobiography. Call it procrastination, lack of resources, or lack of education, but no matter how passionate I become at the thought of writing, I have yet to ever put together a substantial piece of literary work worthy off even a personal diary.

More Than Just My True Stories Online

Other than writing true stories and autobiographical content on my blog here, I plan to share allot more. I’ll share my opinions on current social matters, do reviews on products, music, and film, share current news events that I find important, and basically graffiti the canvassed minds of all who will read brain’s  with my ranting bullshit.

I’d also like to introduce favorite videos and music to my reading audience as well as my most hated. I hate allot of shit, probably more than I like these days. I wouldn’t be staying true to the URL title if I didn’t at least pepper these digital pages with some level of seething hate. Seething hate actually is probably very vital to share on a site titled as such and being I feel so much anger and hatred these days, you’d have to be pretty fucking stupid to be shocked to see animosity in my written blog pages.

With that said, yeah… this is an ADULTS ONLY SITE. If you’re a kid reading this, get your little brat ass back to your homepage before I tell your mommy and daddy.

I figure most of my content here is adult content. I might even have some sex stories to share. Actually, correction, I have sex stories to share but do I dare actually share them? Maybe I’ll hold a share-a-thon with a conscious financial goal and reward this perverted population of bald apes with a raunchy story of one of my sexual exploits. Maybe…

Anyways,  welcome to my true stories blog. You may not believe the stories here within these pages and posts, but that’s not my problem really. Too some, the stories may just be plain boring compared to their lives.  I know my life isn’t the most tragic or  magical and to those that hate wasting their time…you’ve been warned in advance. Now füćķ off.  😉